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How we can use your Yahoo Auction Japan Middleman Service?

We generally a Japanase stuff middleman service,  you can use our service to buying stuff from Japan and we deliver it to your front door. You can start by using our form here

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  • What is this? Is this a comment…

    By administrator on August 17th, 20123:12 am.

  • barang yang saya inginkan mungkin murah harganya

    mohon informasi kasar saja, kira2 berapa berapa ongkos kirim untuk barang tersebut ke indonesia. atau kira2 berapa total yang akan saya belanjakan untuk barang tersebut.

    By bakti tataryo on September 22nd, 20139:19 am.

    harga 300
    ongkir jp -jp 600
    ongkos ke indonesia ems 1200
    komisi saya 75 ribu rupiah
    kurs 125

    By webmaster on December 11th, 20132:51 pm.

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