Simpler Way to Buy From Yahoo!® Auctions

Rules & Fees

Terms :
- Payment is on Japanese Currency :Yen
-No cancellation
-We do not responsible on seller ratings.
-We established with around 1300 positive fedback.
-We sent using ems and SAL to your address and provide tracking numbers.
-Our service take about 1 week to 3 weeks depend on seller and post office service.
- If you don’t win anything, all cash is refundable.
- Our paypal account is japan paypal account, Please also takecare of cross border fee
-Combination shipment is acceptable, please give confirmation before you do that

Payment terms
-First Payment : Client pay for price they want to put on bid plus my 10% profit.
-Second payment : Client pay for shipment. Japan-japan and japan – client address, bank transfer tax, and extra bubble for shipment.
-Payment trough Verified paypal account only